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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Quotes :)

It's hard to teach how to write a poem. You can teach how a poem is constructed, and the different types of poems, but the emotion has to come from yourself. Not all poems need to rhyme, you can write something simple, like a quote:

Your eyes may twinkle,
And your heart may sparkle,
But your heart is what shines the most!

I like this one too:

You are not wasting
If you are using

Or this one:

  You are never lost...
Only can be found

You are never alone,
God is always with you

I hope you enjoyed those, it's really fun to write poems. If anybody out there has a cool blog that I can check out, comment the link below! I would love to see what you can create. Thanks for checking me out!

                                                                                                     -Elena Grace


  1. Nice to meet you Elena.
    I love to write poems and share
    them on Blogger.

    Yes, poetry can be about anything
    that comes to mind. Things constantly
    come to mind for me...

    a line of poetry from out the blue
    I write everything down and save it
    because I know it is a piece of the next
    poem I will write.

    Would love for a visit from you.

    One Conscious Dreamer
    Sharon Harris

  2. Hello Elena,

    I enjoyed visiting your site and hope to see you again soon.
    I have a couple of days off coming to me.

    I am so happy for your visit.
    I do love rhyme, but I also write free style as well.

    So very nice to meet you and I hope you receive visits
    from some of the wonderful ladies that I have come to know here
    so far.

    waving good night