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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day

Well I live in Canada, the cold, hockey-playing country and today is a very important day for us. It's Remembrance Day. This is the day where we thank the many soldiers that have died to protect our country and pray for the ones in war right now, as we speak. We always thank and pray for them everyday, but today we show the most respect. I wrote a little poem for this special day, and I thought I would like to share it with you.


 Peace is silence, peace is love 
 Peace comes from heaven above. 
 We should choose peace, not war 
 For all the soldiers that died before. 
 We shall show it everyday, 
 And those in war, we pray. 


                                                                                   -Elena Grace

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Quotes :)

It's hard to teach how to write a poem. You can teach how a poem is constructed, and the different types of poems, but the emotion has to come from yourself. Not all poems need to rhyme, you can write something simple, like a quote:

Your eyes may twinkle,
And your heart may sparkle,
But your heart is what shines the most!

I like this one too:

You are not wasting
If you are using

Or this one:

  You are never lost...
Only can be found

You are never alone,
God is always with you

I hope you enjoyed those, it's really fun to write poems. If anybody out there has a cool blog that I can check out, comment the link below! I would love to see what you can create. Thanks for checking me out!

                                                                                                     -Elena Grace

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Funny Poems

Poems can be written about anything. You never know what you can find, even hearing a creak in an old house, hear the wind rustle the leaves, can lead you to write a poem. Writing is something that I do enjoy to do. I also love to read in my spare time, when I don't have assignments due. Even in my youth, I can find something great to write about. This blog is not only a place to express myself in words, but to inspire others to write out their thoughts. As in my last post, I do like to write poems about nature and have a lot of maturity, including the next one:

Life is like a feather
It floats where it can
The wind pulls and twirls it,
It is your decision where it lands

There may be some obstacles
That stop you in your path,
Even though you're small and frail
 Do not be scared to show your wrath

Decisions will help your journey
What ever it may be,
You may meet new things along the way
It's great to have some company

But 'intimate' poems aren't the only things I like to write. Even funny ones are great to come up with. A famous type of poem that is known to be funny is a Limerick. Here are a couple that I have written:

There once was a young baker named Ted
Who liked to bake lots of yummy bread
He sold all of it
In just a minute,
All that baking hurt his little head!

There once was a girl named Pam
Who liked to eat lots of ham
Then she got a stomach ache
So she started eating steak,
But them switched to eating lamb

See? Limericks are made to entertain the reader, and usually they are about someone, and don't make a lot of sense. The trick is that the 1st, 2nd and 5th line rhyme together, and the 3rd and 4th line rhyme together. They are pretty easy to come up with, and can be very funny to read to others. Well I hope you learned something today by reading my blog. No matter what age, you can always enjoy a little laugh!

                                                                                                 -Elena Grace

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hey there world!

So I just started in this business of blogging and stuff, but I thought that maybe I had a shot getting my writing to people in the world. I want to become a writer when I get older, getting my stories published for other people to read. I guess publishing my poetry is a good start. I have a poem book and I usually write my poems in there, and that's where I will be getting my poems from. So enjoy, I hope you like it:

The quiet forest
Trees young and old, small and tall
The old are creaking,
And the young are just budding
Leaves blowing in the swift wind

The type of poem is a Tanka poem. It is similar to a Haiku, just with more syllables. The syllable pattern is:

Line 1: Five Syllables
Line 2: Seven Syllables
Line 3: Five Syllables
Line 4: Seven Syllables
Line 5: Five Syllables

It is a great Japanese type of poem, and could be about lots of things, but I chose to do it on nature. Nature is a great thing, it is beautiful and moving. Another Tanka I have written is actually about the ocean and fish. Here it is:

The great ocean blue
Fishes different colours
And many sizes
They make the water gleam bright
As if it was a rainbow

Well I hope you have liked my poems so far. If anyone is actually reading my stuff, I might not do a poem like every week or something planned like that. I will do one when I think of more, and when I have the time to make a post! As I said before, I just started, but I hope you enjoy my poetry. Bye!

                                                                                              -Elena Grace